TodaySheera and ACER organised a workshop to discuss “Multi-Sector Regional Water Boards and Water Management Plans – Implementation, challenges and monitoring” in Kukes. This activity is part of ‘Clean Water Project in Gjakova and Kukes’, funded by European Union.
Discussions focused on functionalisin multi-sector regional Water Boards in #Kukes.
Multi-sector Regional Water Boards in Kukes will serve as key infrastructure for citizen engagement, policy formulation, monitoring, and improvement of management of water resources in the CBC area. These Boards intend to continue existing well-beyond project implementation periods becoming enshrined in local structures. Boards will have formal mandates and rules of proceedings and Membership in Boards will be comprised of municipal structures, CSOs, business community, and regional utility companies.
Draft Water Management Plans for Kukes and Gjakovë, in line with EU standards, were also presented during the workshop.
We thank the Deputy Mayor of Kukes Mr. Granit Gjana for participation and his continuous support.

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