About Us

About Us

Empowering Women in Business

Women’s Business Association – SHE-ERA, is one of the leading local organizations empowering women in Kosovo since September 1999. Over the years, SHE-ERA has focused its work on diverse areas responsive to the needs of its target beneficiaries in the post-conflict environment. Over time, SHE-ERA has developed its identity and is now recognized as one of the most prominent organizations in the areas of strengthening the position of women and supporting women`s entrepreneurship. It has also contributed through research and analysis on women-related topics and has supported local and central government institutions to draft and implement policies and legal frameworks that support gender equality and promote women’s engagement in all spheres of life—political, social, and in particular economic sphere. Over the years, about 20.000 women and men have increased their managerial capacity – through Business Advisory Services at the local/national level; over 2000 women entrepreneurs in production, processing, trade, services, handicrafts are active members of SHE-ERA across Kosovo.

SHE-ERA has established great cooperation and networking with partners, the private sector, and local and regional institutions as well.

Partners of SHE_ERA who have supported the organization over years include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the EU Delegation in Albania, the EU Office In Kosovo, Swiss Development Cooperation-Swiss Contact, GIZ, Helvetas-DEMOS, German Development Bank (KFW), UNMIK, and Swiss Secretariat for Foreign Affairs. 



Recognized as one of the most prominent organizations in the areas of strengthening the position of women and supporting women`s entrepreneurship, with its long term experience in supporting local and government institutions, SHE-ERA has the relevant expertise and is capable of productively cooperating with the municipal employment offices and Departments and Centers for Social Welfare (CSW) to identify vulnerable and marginalized women who have ideas and potential to develop their businesses.

Over the years, SHE-ERA has helped a high number of marginalized women to increase their managerial capacity through Business Advisory Services at the local/national level. It has a unique experience in supporting and building the capacities of women entrepreneurs in production, processing, trade, services, and handicrafts.

 The relevant experience has equipped the organization with the required knowledge and means to ensure and stimulate the engagement of the private sector aiming to generate meaningfully, environmentally sustainable opportunities stimulating employment for women.


Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA is a powerful network for women in business. SHE-ERA assists women, and women business owners to be successful by offering networking opportunities, collaboration and increasing the managing capacities, advocating and lobbying for women economic empowerment, market information, business plan preparation, participation, and presentations in conferences and in national and international fairs. 

SHE-ERA is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs reach their goals and ambitions from all business categories and disciplines.

A Place Where Ideas Grow

She-ERA is a place where women entrepreneurs and volunteers may come together to establish, develop, and cooperate on projects involving women and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Initiate and implement sustainable and efficient projects and services to promote gender equality and women's economic empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support women's economic empowerment in Kosovo and beyond, regardless of age, education, race, ethnicity, or religion, in order to have a gender-balanced and all-inclusive economic growth, and to make women active members of their society.

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