OUR Focus

SHE-ERA’s focus is to:
Increase public access and visibility of the Kosova budget through transparency.
Increase participation of women in the labor market.
Develop more partnership among employers, the state, and NGOs in all cases concerning economic empowerment of women.
Increase job opportunities for women with structural transformation of economies, particularly waged employment in the services sector, self employment and entrepreneurship.

Introduce measures enabling better compatibility of work and family responsibilities.

Delineate the roles and responsibilities of State, Trade Unions, and employers Encourage the state, trade unions and employers to work in concerted action to introduce measures for removing obstacles and barriers, such as new codes of conduct, affirmative action and re-evaluation of “Men’s & Women’s”, work .

Maximize opportunities for women to secure and keep jobs.

Develop a set of policies and programs that provide access to training and life-long learning and are be targeted on women according to the different stages of their lives and of family formations.

Foster self-employment and entrepreneurial skills programs that target women through training, credit schemes, gender sensitization among bankers and organizations supporting the creation of SME’s.

Ensure transparency in the appointment process for high level governmental and other bodies,and enlarge the pool of potential women candidates through an active search into existing networks of professional women decision-makers in relevant area.

Ensure the availability and wide dissemination of sex-disaggregated data and gender-related information in order to enable the mobilization and support of all major actors of civil society: NGOs, Trade Unions, Employers, Associations and Media in order to gain from their experience and knowledge, as well as to obtain their support, for the promotion of gender equality and benefit from their influence on decision-making bodies.

Ensure continuity of this involvement through the establishment of frameworks that allow for regular dialogue between governmental and non-governmental actors, including open and transparent channels of communications.

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