Workshops with the groups of women from Gjakova and Gjilan


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February, 2014

Within the project “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015”, SHE-ERA organized a one-day workshop with the women’s group “Think Tank”, beneficiaries of the project from the region of Gjakova, and a workshop with the group of women from the region of Gjilan (Municipality of Vitia). Throughout the workshop, women “ambassadors” discussed the problems they face during the development of activities and identified and presented the need to recommend the necessary steps for attracting the attention of decision-making institutions so they can be equally treated from all the services and financial schemes offered by governmental institutions.  Among other things, women participants requested their equal participation in the governmental agenda in the local and central level. The purpose of this workshop is addressing recommendations and supporting women farmers in both regions (Gjakove and Gjilan) and policy makers from the community and other developing partners.