Women entrepreneurs that grow strawberries in the village of Loxha


Women entrepreneurs that carry out agricultural activities continue to bring new accomplishments in their field. Arbresha and Qendresa Shala from the village of Loxha (Peja region) have grown strawberries since 2007. Their family owns 70 Ar. of land which yields around 10,000 kg. of strawberries and generates a profit of €8,000 per year. Currently, 4 family members of the Shala family and 7 employees are engaged in the growing process of strawberries, this way increasing managing capacities for women from this village and simultaneously increasing the number of people employed. After attending the one-month training “How to start a successful business”, Qendresa and Arbresha have decided to expand their business for 30 Ar. more, consequently leading to an increase in production. They claim that the business course offered by SHE-ERA within the project “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015” has empowered them by providing the necessary motivation to think from an entrepreneurial perspective to advance and expand their business. At the moment they sell their products at supermarkets such as ETC, and other key locations in the city of Peja, however now they intend to expand their market in other cities as well. As a collaboration result between SHE-ERA and NGO Zana from Klina, Qendresa and Arbresha have made a new investment after being beneficiaries of a 5×16 m² greenhouse from the Embassy of the United States in Pristina where they are going to grow vegetables such as peppers, tomato and lettuce.

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