The road to success of Mrs. Mejreme Hajdari

SHE-ERA within the project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015” (funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark) has attracted a high interest of women farmers. A successful example is Mrs. Mejreme Hajdari from the villMejremeHajdariage of Cërmjan, the region of Gjakova.Mrs. Hajdari is one of the many beneficiaries who after completing the one-month training “How to start a successful business” who continues her thriving journey in farming along with six other family members. Currently, Mrs. Hajdari has 30 dairy cattle which were a personal investment in 2012, and has managed to increase the income and consequently invest on a collection point by purchasing a lacto freezer with a capacity of 1,000 liters and the pump for carrying the milk from the lacto freezer to the milk pail. Mrs. Hajdari beside the investment in her business enabled 10 other women from the village of Cërmjan to deliver the milk to deliver the milk to her collection point, and delivers it to the collection point in Ratkovc. The quantity of milk collected during the week is 2,000 liters which she buys at 25 cents/lt., and delivers it to the milk processors at 29 cents/lt. Due to her tireless work, Mrs. Hajdari has also benefited a milking machine from MAFRD in 2014, an equipment which has highly facilitated her work. “To travel a road never traveled by, the success is always closer than we think when you have the will to work” – says Mrs. Hajdari.