The Conference: Women’s Role in the Forestry Sector in Kosovo


  In October 2013, in Pristina, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) jointly with their Budapest office and MAFRD organized the conference on women’s role in the forestry sector in Kosovo.  The main objectives of this conference were promoting and understanding women’s role in the forest sector in Kosovo and identifying the obstacles and opportunities women encounter in order to equally benefit from this sector. Mrs.Kusari-Purrini presented three successful case studies of women entrepreneurs in the sector of forestry and agriculture (beneficiaries of the SHE-ERA program), and informed the audience on the status of women entrepreneurs and all the challenges, problems, and their needs. Some of the issues that arose regarding women’s role in the forestry sector were: the lack of subsidies, lack of law implementation mechanisms, lack of communication, the right over land, poor marketing, competition, increased cost of production, etc.  Promoting women in forestry was a key objective of this conference, where presentations and suggestions unfolded the steps toward the accomplishment of this objective. The proposed recommendations were directed to all following actors: the public and private sector, the civil society, development partners, with the intention of including women in the managing plans and rural development project, monitoring and change evaluation, etc.