Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture in the region of Mitrovic

Capture Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture in the region of Mitrovic 

Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark continues to implement the four-year project 2012-2015, for increasing the managing capacities of women entrepreneurs in agriculture in the region of Mitrovica, including Northern Mitrovica. From the 10 planned groups in the region of Mitrovica, until today there were 70 beneficiaries of the trainings “How to start a successful business” from three municipalities: Vushtri (Lower Stanovc, Studime, Dumnic), Skënderaj(Runik, Kllodericë, Samadrexhë, Tërnacë, Lower Klinë, Gllodernicë, Çitak) and the third group in Syriganë, municipality of Skënderaj.

Women and young girls who have not had the chance to previously attend any  training of this kind, have not developed a business plan, do not have the right knowledge and technical skills and access to finances, will have the opportunity to benefit from this project.  The SHE-ERA staff helps women entrepreneurs in agriculture by offering:

–          On-going counseling, mentoring, advice and follow up of women in order to support them during the process of establishing and nursing their business,

–          Linking of  women to existing grant schemes and mentoring them in accessing the capital for their business plans,

–          Linking the women to various technical advice, such as extension services (under MAFRD, municipalities, etc.), marketing (domestic as well as export) and media.

On a monthly basis SHE-ERA’s staff assist the targeted women in implementing their business plans, including how to input actual performance data information in a financial model and how to review the effect of this on the forecasted performance to identify where adjustments in activities need to be made. This support is designed to keep the client clearly informed about decisions to be made and able to use the results in the management of their business.

Based on the challenges and problems women entrepreneurs in agriculture encounter, special attention is dedicated to developing decision-making skills and knowledge on the managing process adjusted to their businesses with the purpose of increasing productivity and fulfilling market needs, which increases the income and empowers women economically.