Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015

MBGARAGVUSHTRISupporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2013 is a project implemented by the Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark. The objectives of the project are: To contribute toward reaching the targets of the National Strategies for Agriculture and Rural Development (NSARD), and the National Program for Gender Equality.The project is focused in four regions: Gjakova, Gjilani, Mitrovica and Peja. These regions are considered the most important in Kosovo, which hold potential for agricultural growth and development in our country.   In April 2013, the trainings in the region of Gjilan have finished and 234 women have benefited from this program. The program is continuing in the region of Gjakova until October 2013, where trainings with the topic “How to start your own business” will end. In August 2013 SHE-ERA started the business courses for rural women and girls of the region of Mitrovica including North Mitrovica where there is a significant interest to participate in this project. The first business course for women entrepreneurs in agriculture is taking place in the municipality of Vushtria where beneficiaries of this group are 24 women, while the second group will take place in the village of Runik (the municipality of Skenderaj) in September 2013. SHE-ERA is currently working on forming other groups in the region of Mitrovica, by contacting interested women to benefit from the services offered to them for the development of their managing capacities.

The business course lasts for one month, and after its successful completion the participants will be supplied with business plans and certificates based on the training results and also their work will be monitored and promoted by the SHE-ERA staff. In addition, women entrepreneurs in agriculture will  be continuously informed and assisted for grant application offered by other development partners and state institutions.