Support of Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015

Molliq[1]Successful completion of the course-business division of gratitude and business plans – June-December, 2012

In Gjilan during training sessions were held in the following areas: Municipality of Gjilan (Dobërqan village, Përlepnicë), Kamenica (Roganë village), Vitis Municipality and the course was beneficial group of girls from the High School of Agriculture “Arberia “Gnjilane. While in Gjakova trainings were held in these areas: Gjakova municipality (village Cërmjan, Rracaj, Molliq and Novosel) and Malisheva (Malisheve bathrooms, Kijeva, Terpeza, Lubishte, Turjakë, Vermicë, Mleqan Drenovc, Mirusha and moral).

After successful completion of the course of business conducted by the staff of SHE-ERA, 122 were allocated gratitude for farmers benefiting women and girls in the region of 141 Gjakova and Gjilan beneficiary. Women farmers benefit from these two regions which successfully prosecuted nine modules “How to Start a Successful Business”, developed their individual ideas and developed their business plans during the course of each group follows a group of five months hours a day. as a result of courses held in these two regions are allocated a total of 245 business plans (43 202 business plans and group individual business plans). SHE-ERA will continue for the month of January 2013, continuing organizing courses and providing other services for building management capacity of women farmers, their economic empowerment and the creation of new jobs in the first two regions Planned 2012-2013, Gjilan and Gajkovë. Beneficiaries of these two regions will also be 225 farm women and girls.

SHE-ERA project “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture” during this period orfojë 31 tips for women entrepreneurs in agriculture in the region of Djakovica, dealing with the processing of milk, bee keeping and breeding of fruits and vegetables. I’u advice offered to increase their capacity in marketing for better placement of their products in the market.

Business Courses for 2013, will continue to be held in two regions of Gjakova and Gjilan. The course of business in Gjilan work plan will be completed in kuartelin first and second, where a total of Gjilan region is expected to benefit a total of 100, while in the region of Djakovica beneficiary of this year provided 125 women and vjaza. In the third kuartelin 2013, according to the work plan will begin with the Mitrovica region offer the same training package which will benefit this year to 100 girls and women farmers. During 2013, SHE-ERA plans to develop detailed business plans, and in constant contact other development partners to implement the business plans of women and creation of new jobs.