The inauguration ceremony of the tractor donation to women from the village of Bec

Inagu1On December 15, 2014 in the village of Bec, the municipality of Gjakova was held the tractor donation ceremony to 25 women beneficiaries of the Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA. In this ceremony organized by SHE-ERA participated the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands Mr.Bosch, The Ambassador of Albania, Mr.Mixhozi, the Director of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development from the Municipality of Gjakova, Mr.Ermeni and women beneficiaries of the region. During the training offered by the SHE-ERA staff within the project “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015” supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark have been identified the needs and challenges faced by women

 Inagu2entrepreneurs in agriculture. This project has been prepared and implemented by SHE-ERA, and was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Prishtina. The tractor which will be available to use by women beneficiaries will have a usage schedule and each beneficiary will share equal rights. During their meeting with the Ambassadors, women expressed their gratitude for the donation of the tractor and said that they were ready to begin land preparatory processes prior to the planting process during the first semester of next year. SHE-ERA’s dedicated work has managed to create a link between development partners and women in agriculture so they can have a better understanding of their difficulties and working conditions 

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