Women's Business Association

The Women’s Business Association She-ERA is a non-profit organization, established after the war in Kosovo in September 1999, aiming at women’s economic empowerment. The work areas of She-ERA include economic empowerment, gender equality, business advisory service, training, mentoring, technical support, research, support in policy-making, and more.

Who are we?

She-ERA has established itself as one of the most important and influential actors in areas aimed at strengthening the position of women, empowering women entrepreneurs, and supporting local government institutions to design and implement legal policies and frameworks that support gender equality and the promotion of the position of Kosovar women in all areas, including political, social, and economic. The organization is well-known for the high quality of its services. SHE-ERA  provides consultancy, business planning, document preparation for various tenders, marketing and market research strategies, human resource development services, and operational management services to entrepreneurial women through its services.

She-ERA provides management services to international companies wishing to operate in Kosovo. She-ERA carries out or aids the study mission, as well as contributes to the development of methodology and proposals. She-ERA has so far established partnerships with a variety of organizations in the field of women’s business development in Central, Eastern, and Western Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, and Asia.
She-ERA has implemented different initiatives at the local and regional levels since its inception, providing business training, consultancy, research, publications, and mentorship.

What we’ve done?

Founded in September, 1999

Increasing public opportunities and the visibility of Kosovo’s consolidated budget through transparency.
Expanding women’s participation in the labor market.

Develop greater cooperation between employers, the State, and NGOs in all cases related to women’s empowerment.



Working on women’s economic empowerment.

She-ERA Members

in Kosovo are working in production, processing, trade, services, and handicrafts.



Young girls and women have expanded their managerial capacity through local/national training, mentoring, and networking.

Our Focus

SHE-ERA’s focus is to:

Increase the participation of women in the labor market

Increase public access and visibility of the Kosova budget through transparency, with a focus on Gender Budget

Increase job opportunities for women with structural transformation of economies particularly waged employment in the services sector, self-employment, and entrepreneurship.

Introduce measures enabling better compatibility of work and family responsibilities.

Delineate the roles and responsibilities of State, Trade Unions, and employers Encourage the state, trade unions, and employers to work in concerted action to introduce measures for removing obstacles and barriers, such as new codes of conduct, affirmative action, and re-evaluation of “Men’s & Women’s”, work.

Develop a set of policies and programs that provide access to training and life-long learning and are be targeted on women according to the different stages of their lives and of family formations.

Foster self-employment and entrepreneurial skills programs that target women through training, credit schemes, gender sensitization among bankers and organizations supporting the creation of SME’s.

Our Partners