Soft Forestry Fruits for the Entrepreneurial Rural Women


The cooperation between SHE-ERA and Celim Milano in the project “Soft Forestry Fruits for the Entrepreneurial Rural Women”, supported by the European office in Kosovo, aims to improve the agricultural self-employment of the most disadvantaged groups in the Municipality of Gjakova, respectively in the rural zones such as: the village of Bec, Zhdrellë, Lugbunari, Doblibarë, Meqë, Kodrali and Rashkovc.Forty women of these areas will benefit not only the package of services such as technical support, training and mentoring, but as well as benefit greenhouses, strawberry seedlings and pesticides. The main objective of the project is the support of the self-employment and the empowerment of women of the disadvantaged groups in these areas. This project offers employment opportunities by developing cultivation and entrepreneurial skills, as well as supporting the entire period of cultivation by constantly being mentored from experts; therefore, the constant mentoring will create positive results.

The selection of women is done according to the criteria put by SHE-ERA and Celim Milano, in which priority will be given to widows, families with social assistance and minorities. This project will serve as a chain that connects the service providers-cultivators-processors, in which the final product (the cultivation of soft forestry fruits – strawberries) will immediately be put in the market.