SHE-ERA’s activity achievements

Within the four year program “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012 – 2015”, where there are a total of 1440 women and young girl beneficiaries in four regions of Gjakova: Gjakovë, Gjilan, Pejë and Mitrovicë, SHE-ERA is completing its strategic objectives by proving successful in many areas:


         One of the examples that brought immediate results are training offered in Mitrovica North including four municipalities (Zubin Potok, Leposavic, Zvecan and the Bosnian Neighbourhood), where 119 women entrepreneurs in agriculture of the Serbian and Bosnian community successfully completed the one-month training “How to start a successful business”, while now the number of women interested to benefit from SHE-ERA’s programs is increasing on a daily basis adding up to a total of 600 women and girls from the Serbian, Bosnian and Albanian communities in Mitrovica North.


         USAID’s program “Advancing Kosovo Together”, after the meetings held in Gjakova and Mitrovica North with SHE-ERA and the “Santa Maria” association, offered their premise for mutual use for the development of their activities for the support of women entrepreneurs, at the center of Mitrovica North. The purpose of both associations is the integration and inter-ethnic cooperation of women entrepreneurs’ businesses in Kosovo.
         The new program for the support of Women Entrepreneurs as a result of the agreement between TEB Bank and SHE-ERA, also offered new opportunities for women and young girls with entrepreneurial initiatives. Women and young girl entrepreneurs have the opportunity to benefit from the evaluation of their business idea, individual advice and meetings with foreign investors.


         SHE-ERA with the support of Swisscontact, Riinvest Institute and PEM Consulting within the program “Promoting Private Sector Employment” (PPSE), the purpose of which is to increase the employment level in Kosovo, has distributed industrial tomato seeds to 15 farmers in the region of Dukagjini with a total area of 3.75 Ha. enabling the establishment of a value chain among: Providers-Producers-Collection Points-Processors and the Market.