SHE-ERA Strategic Plan Workshop

zz[1]Strategic Planning workshop to develop the organization’s strategic plan was held in Gjakova on March 2-4, 2012. It was attended by SHE-ERA’s staff, board members, external experts, and representatives of national NGOs working with agriculture. SHE-ERA Strategic Planning workshop is a component of the project ‘To Support Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture’ and aims to build the capacity of SHE-ERA staff and develop a midterm Strategic Plan for SHE-ERA for the period 2012-2016. Development of the SHE-ERA Strategic Plan 2012-2016 was guided by a set of principles that aim to produce a midterm strategic plan in a participatory manner, in close consultation with key stakeholders, in a fast developing environment. Strategic Plan 2012-2016 is built on, and contributes to, the implementation of the Agriculture Rural Development Plan and the Kosovo Gender Equality Program & National Action Plan for Gender Equality. Outcomes of the SHE-ERA Strategic Plan are grouped in three focus areas:

This approach allows for the integration of on-going projects and activities into the organization’s comprehensive strategic plan; it will develop the organization’s capacity and sustainability.