Safete Shehu – An entrepreneur in agriculture



One of the many beneficiaries of SHE-ERA is Safete Shehu who attended the one-month business training on “How to start a successfull business” with the group of women from the municipality of Junik in September, 2013. During our visit, Safete stated that she now feels more prepared to overcome the business challenges in arboriculture and forestry and that she is prepared to manage her own business in the near future. She carries out her agricultural activity along with her family members. Safete has been collecting and processing berries such as: chestnuts, elder, cornel and blueberry for a very long. In addition to collecting and processing chestnuts, Safete places a decent amount in the local market, and the rest is processed into marmallade and also offered in the marketplace; furthermore, she collects around 300 kg. of cornel and blueberry during the season. The collected fruit are placed in the local market and in fairs organized by the MAFRD and other non-governmental organizations. Safete confirms that this business brings a decent income to her family, but her goal is to grow her capacities in the future and meet the consumer demands.