Project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

Project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture”

The Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA, within the project –“Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture”, supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is continuing with the training “How to start a successful business” in two following groups in Gjakova and Gjilan region.

Trainings are continuing in the Gjakova region, inculding these rural areas: Molliq, Botushë and in the Gjilan region including these rural areas: Roganë, Koretin, Hodonoc. During the monthly course on topic “How to start a successful business”, the girls and women of rural zones are attending these topics:
  Estimate yourself as an entrepreneur,
  Develop your business idea,
  Estimate the market,
  Marketing plan,
  The organizational structure of business,
  Calculate the cost of products and services
  Estimate the initial capital,
  Financial plan,
  The legal forms of business
After successfully finishing the business course, certifications will be allocated to 22 beneficiaries (women and girls) from the first group of Molliq, Botushë village. Meanwhile, in Gjilan region will be allocated 22 certifications for beneficiaries of Roganë, Koretin, Hodonoc village .
As a result of the finished course the participants will have the opportunity to develop and complete their individual or group business idea. Upon completion of the training, the participants are issued with business plans and certificates based on the results during the training.