Project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015”

Molliq11[1]Project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015”

The Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA announces that, within the project –“Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture”, supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The training “How to start a successful business” is continuing in the first two regions in the Republic of Kosovo.

Training is countinuing with the third group in the Gjakova region, inculding these rural areas: Rracaj, Pacaj, Shishman, Sheremet, Dallashaj, and Dobrosh. In the Gjilan region it is continuing in the Municipality of Kamenica, including these rural areas: Karaqevë, Kamenicë, Birivojcë, Koretin, Topanicë, Kronidell, and Busavatë.
All women and girls from the rural areas of Gjakova and Gjilan, who would like to participate in this training (free of charge) have the right to apply for attendance in this training and are strongly encouraged to do so. Women and girls should posess basic skills in reading and writing, calculation and who have a concrete business idea, respectively in the field of agriculture.

The training course lasts one month, during which the participants have the opportunity to learn, develop and complete their individual or group business idea.

Upon completion of the training, the participants are issued with business plans and certificates based on the results during the training.