National platforms of Women Entrepreneurs in the Republic of Kosovo

picture[1]Women Entrepreneurs – Motor for creating new jobs in South East Europe

“National Platform of Women Entrepreneurs in the Republic of Kosovo”
Platform was established under the Small Business Act (Indicators of Women Entrepreneurs of Istanbul) to the European recommendations, principles Prishtinë – Economic Empowerment of Women (Presidential Summit of the Republic of Kosovo), the National Strategy for the Development of Small and Medium (2012-2020), “the Law on Gender equality between Women and Men,” National Action Plan for Gender Equality Action Plan on Women Entrepreneurs in Kosovo and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The main objective of the Platform is to promote women entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kosovo through public and private partnerships and support from 43 organizations and institutions of Kosovo.
This platform will help solve some of the problems present and will help in overcoming the barriers to female entrepreneurship, as well as the elimination of all forms of gender discrimination. Also, this paper will seek to improve the main agreements related to business development in our country.
The project is being conducted in nine countries before accession to the EU South-Eastern Europe. The project is supported by the Kingdom of Sweden and implemented by SEECEL, RCC and GTF for South-Eastern Europe, while partner for Kosovo SHE-ERA and cell network.