Meeting with the group of women ambassadors “Think Tank” in the region of Mitrovica


Meeting with the group of women ambassadors “Think Tank” in the rfotoegion of Mitrovica

Within the project “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015”, SHE-ERA in February organized the meeting with the group of of women “Think Tank” in the premise of IADK in Vushtri. 20 selected women from the group of women entrepreneurs in agriculture, beneficiaries of the one-month business course “How to start a successful  business” in the region of Mitrovica, met to raise issues, problems and needs which women entrepreneurs in agriculture from this region continue to encounter, and the evaluation of their success from the period of the end of the training until today. Even though some of the women have reported progress in their businesses they continue to encounter challenges such as: the lack of the irrigation system as one of the key issues, access to financial resources, collateral, etc. The meeting was concluded after the needs and problems which will be discussed during the round table were identified. The round table will take place in the region of Mitrovica in May, 2015 and participants include the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, local governmental institutions, developing partners, financial banking institutions, the business society and the business community.