Meeting with Expert Mrs. Julia Weeks

tttThis meeting was supported by the United States Embassy in Prishtina.

Julie Weeks is the President and CEO of Womenable, a for profit social enterprise that works to enable women’s entrepreneurship worldwide by improving the systems (laws,  policies, programs and research-based knowledge) that  support women’s enterprise creation and growth. Weeks has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of research design and analysis, public policy, and women’s enterprise development. In the meetings, Kosovoan women entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn in a comparative perspective about women entrepreneurs in the US. They also learned that women in developed countries also face challenges during the development of their business. Weeks said that the development of women entrepreneurs in the world has grown more than ever before; women now are much more assertive and more and more are becoming business owners. Weeks compared her organization, Womenable to SHE-ERA, recognizing the value they bring to women, local communities, and even nations.