Informative and monitoring round table in the region of Mitrovica

Tryezat informuese dhe monitoruese ne rajonin e MitrovicësInformative and monitoring round table in the region of Mitrovica

Three informative and monitoring round tables took place in the region of Mitrovica with women beneficiaries of the project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015” suported by the Ministry of Foreig Affairs of Denmark. The purpose of this round table was to identify the challenges and needs women encounter and provide them with information on fiscal policies, business registration and grant opportunities in agriculture, and also detailed information on supporting programs from EBRD and TEB Bank. Women beneficiaries were directly infromed by officials from the corresponding institutions who expressed their willingness to be a part of the meeting.

In these round tables participated women from municipality of Mitrovica, Vushtria and Skenderaj (Runik and Syrigana).

In December is scheduled to take place the last round table in North Mitrovica.