Good Example of Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture – Azize Sylejmani

IMG_1281[1]Women entrepreneurs in agriculture prove successful in management and business development. One of the many beneficiaries of the project “Support to Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture”, is Azize Sulejmani from Kamenica. Aziz was part of a monthly training on “How to Start A Successful Business” with a group of women from Kamenica during July 2012.Azizja is a good example of women entrepreneurs in horticulture and agriculture, a wife and mother which with its tireless work reaches manage a successful family business and with sufficient income for the family. There are 30-year tradition in the cultivation of seedlings of different species, trees and decorative trees. Azizës family owns about 3 hectares of land planted with fruit trees such as: apples, pears, plums, peaches and various trees dekorativë.Azizja develops its activity along with three members of the family, husband and two children of her. It deklaronë the course of business of the SHE-ERA enable it to think differently about its business growth, feels much more prepared to overcome the challenges faced in the course of business also thank Aziz SHE-ERA ‘ n vazhdmiësi councils and new experiences gained during the course of which she is serving today to be making and which increasingly aware that to have a successful business and in competitive business must be registered and work legally. Business “Nursery Sylejmani” with Ms. owners. Azize Sylejmani covers a large part of the Kosovar market with trees and ornamental trees and holding a license for trading of seedlings and ornamental plants, where its seedlings are tested in laboratories specializuara.Meqenëse seedlings requirements are increasing day by day and nursery Sulejmani can not meet the needs of the market with its capacity, it is planned to expand its business by increasing the amount of shoots in order to start with eksport.Stafi SHE-ERA’s next? going training women entrepreneurs in agriculture , makes visits occasionally to watch closely the development of their businesses by giving them the necessary advising, assisting in the preparation of additional documents to benefit from government grants as well as from the bank.


Azize Sylejmani i’u split acknowledged as a successful woman entrepreneur in ceremony held on 29 March 2013, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. This ceremony also marks the beginning of the week “Small Business Days” project for increasing public-private dialogue.