Entrepreneurial initiative – Ganimete Jasiqi beneficiary of SHE-ERA



Women entrepreneurs continue showing sucess in agriculture every day by bringing results in the private sector after successfully completing the business training: “How to start a successful business”. Ganimete Jasiqi from the municipality of Junik (Region of Gjakova), presented this entreprenurial initiative by demonstrating immidiate results in the area of agriculture. Ganimete reveals how the business training inspired her to face the challenges and risks associated with each business making initiative. Ganimete started cultivating strawberries, and currently owns 4 ar. of land where each year she grows her fruit. During the year she manages to cultivate 700-800 kg of strawberries which are immidiately placed in the local market where she has made commercial agreements with stores in the municipality of Gjakova and Peja. Since 2010, Ganimete prepares traditional foods, which she then exposes to national fairs and makes available to tourists in the municipality of Junik. She does this with great passion because it was the only way to provide for her family until now. Ganimete stated that: “If your actions inspire others to dream further, learn more, and do more for themselves and others, then you are a true entrepreneur”. Ganimete does not hesitate to share her experience in agriculture with other interested women.