Empowering Women in Agriculture 2012-2015

Through the project which started in January 2012, SHE-ERA is continually increasing the managing capacities of women entrepreneurs in the rural areas in four regions of the Republic of Kosovo (Gjakovë, Gjilan, Pejë and Mitrovicë), which are considered regions with great potential for agricultural development. This programm is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The objectives of this project are: contributing towards reaching the objectives of the National Strategies for Agriculture and Rural Development (NSARD) and the National Programe for Gender Equality. Capture1

In the region of Gjakova, 10 groups of women have successfully completed the training held in the following rural areas: Cërmjan, Malisheve, Rracaj, Molliq, Novosell, Ujiz, Bec, Dobrigje, Junik 1 and 2.  So far 250 women have been trained, a total of 219 business plans were prepared.


In the region of Gjilan, 10 groups of women have successfully completed their training in the following places: Dobërqan, Përlepnicë, Kamenicë, Roganë, Gjilan, Viti, Zhegër and Kllokot. From these groups 234 women have received training, and 277 business plans were prepared in this region.


In the region of Mitrovica, 4 groups of women have successfully completed their training which were held in the following villages: Vushtri (Lower Stanovc, Studime, Dumic), Skënderaj (Runik, Pemishte, Klloderinicë, Samadrexhë, Tërnacë, Lower Klina, Gllodernicë, Çitak), Syriganë, the municipality of Skenderaj, and Mitrovicë including women and girls from the rural areas of: (Stari Terg, Shipol, Cernushë, Kutllovc, Vidishiq). So far 120 women have received the training, and 49 business plans have been prepared which require co-financing for the development and growth of their businesses. The project for supporting women entrepreneurs in agriculture continues to form new groups in the region of Mitrovica during 2014, including the north part of the city.

Women entrepreneurs beneficiaries in agriculture are continually provided with information and help from the SHE-ERA staff on preparing the appplications for different schemes and grants offered by other developing partners and  local governmental institutions.