Continued success for the beneficiary of SHE-ERA

Vlora[1]Continued success for the beneficiary of SHE-ERA-sëVlora Xhemajli

Vlora Xhemajli beneficiary of SHE-ERA’s which was part of the training on “How to start a successful business,” had the chance to support the 5,000 euro grant investment by UNDP, during the conference “Women Farmers” organized by the Ministry the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development was announced simultaneously with the successful peasant year.

Xhemajli from Vlora Village Rracaj deals with the growth and sale of sheep and eight years during December, received recognition from the Department of Agriculture in the Municipality of Gjakova as one of the 10 most successful farmers in 2012, where 100 euros avail financial support.
Mrs.. Xhemajli as one of the most successful farmers in 2012, has 215 sheep, emphasizing that it is not easy to farmers being farmers, because this job requires great dedication although it is a very profitable business.
While the Municipality of Gjakova, continues the tradition by rewarding farmers work in the municipality, as is highlighted by the Mayor of Gjakova Mr. Lekaj, who said that without the support of the agricultural sector from the municipal budget, the local economy will remain in the same position and will have consequences on economic development. Mr. Lekaj announced that during 2012, the agricultural sector is supported by 700 000 euros, which evaluate the work of the Department of Agriculture, while guaranteeing support for farmers next year, with the tools that will be required by the European Commission, USAID -the Government of Kosovo and other supporting organizations.