Xheraldina Vula
Board President

Ms.Vula graduated in University of Pristina – department of Albanian Language and Literature. She is a Deputy Director and member of Board of Directors at Company 21. She is a well known journalist and a talk-show moderator always achieving more than 60 pecent of total viewership in Kosova in all shows that she created and produced; published poet (“Megjithat? sillet” 1988; “Me bisht syri” 1995, “A Street Cat” 1999 and “Ritual me Pantallona” 2001) translated into English, German, French, etc; well known activist who supported other women in achieving their goals for women in general. She is a co-founder of Women’s NGO “Women Artists and Veterans of Education” (1993), co-founder of Media Project (training center for young women in Journalism and conflict management), facilitated the establishment of women’s journal “Sfinga” (1997), co-founder of women’s monthly magazine “Eritrea” (1997), co-founder of First Albanian Radio on Internet Radio 21 and TV21 production (1998), co-founder of Company 21 (1999); advisor and board member of STAR Network of World Learning (1999-2002), member of Women Waging Peace (1999-present), board member of NEWW (2001 – 2003), member of Kosovo Women’s Loby (2004 –present), member of Kosovo Women’s Network (1999-2007), Member of Board of Directors of Center for Women Studies (2007-present), President of Board of Directors for women NGO She-Era (2004-present), President of Board of Directors of KCSF (2007-present).

Prof. Dr. Justina Shiroka Pula
Board Member

Ms. Pula is the current Minister of Energy and Mining in Kosovo, a post she has held since 2007. She has taught at several universities in Kosovo, as well as in Macedonia, including University of Pristina, the Royal University Iliria, the University College Fama, and University of Southeast Europe. Ms. Pula also had managerial positions at the University of Pristina. Ms. Pula has been working hard towards ensuring a better position for women in Kosovo. She is a member of the International Alliance for Women and of the working group of the National Kosovo Initiative for Gender Equality. She served in the board of the University of Pristina, of the Economic Association of Kosovo and of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Ms. Pula received her PhD at the University of Pristina, Faculty of Economy, where she has also received her Docent degree. She has a master’s degree from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economy.

Lulzim Çela
Board Member

Mr. Çela was born in 1963 in Pristina Kosova. He is married and a father of three children. He completed his medical studies with the University of Pristina. He is specialized in Internal Medicine and Public Health and has a degree in Health Management.
He has 26 years of work experience from which over 12 years as a health provider at the primary and clinical health care. In 1997 he joined MSF and has worked in armed conflict affected areas. By the end of 1998 he joined UNICEF Kosovo Office as a health and Nutrition Officer. He headed the Health and Nutrition Programme for many years. During his carrier with UNICEF he was seconded to the Ministry of Health. Upon his return he was tasked with establishment of the Social Policy Sector with the UNICEF.
In 2009 he acted as a Managing Director of the private hospital. During this period of time he was also engaged as a professional consultant with several NGOs and UN agencies.
Since April 2010 he is appointed as a Professional Advisor to Minister of Health.
Mr. Çela shows high and broad technical competencies in health and social policies. He has several authorial publications that deal with health, nutrition, poverty analysis and health policies and management. He has a warm and pleasant personality, characterized with strong leadership, communication and coordination skills.

Luljeta Vuniqi
Board Member

Luljeta Vuniqi is the founder and the Executive Director of Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC) She has been for the long-time Program Manager of Women’s Programs, Minority Program, Youth and Human Rights Program at the KFOS (Kosova Foundation for Open Society) the Network of Soros Foundations. She is a sociologist and author of several research reports and research projects of KGSC are initiated and conducted under her supervision and leadership. She has played an important role in supporting and being active in women’s movement in Kosova.
Luljeta is also one of the founders of Kosova Women’s Network and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations Network.
She is board member of several local and international organizations as well as member of the Regional Women’s Lobby.
She has participated in many programs, conferences and trainings on local, regional and global level and also published a number or articles on gender issues. Currently she has teaching Gender Studies at the AAB Riinvest University of Prishtina.

Burbuqe Berisha
Board member

Ms.Burbuqe Berisha, Director of Film / Theatre and TV. Born on: 28 .05. in Skopje, Macedonia. She is graduated in the Faculty of Arts branch of Film Directing at the University of Pristina Kosovo. She has completed her masters at the same university for film direction and production. She has created a considerable number of short films and documentaries, television and theater, is the winner of several awards at film festivals and theater with an international character.
She worked for a year and a half as a manager at the ABC cinema, for four years worked as a producer in KosovaFilm, has also been a member of professional juries in many film internationals festivals .Currently is director of the National Theatre and Board Member of QQK.



Senior Advisor for Gender Issues
Jocelyne Talbot

Ms. Talbot is a Senior Gender Advisor and social scientist working at UNDP Kosovo as part of an initiative from the UNDP global programmer for gender equality and women empowerment of the Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Rehabilitation. Previously Ms. Talbot worked as a policy advisor in the Middle East. Her extensive experience in several development sectors such as gender and economy and human rights as well as mainstreaming gender and women empowerment lead her in various international institutions and organizations. In 2007 she was awarded by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Netherland: Section of the International Cooperation for her contribution to the advancement of women’s rights and empowerment in the Arab States. She lectured and networked on global issues and participated in the development of several knowledge tools on the integration of gender in development of various sectors.

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