Beginnig of training within the project “Women in Agriculture”

Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA announces:

Beginning of training within the project “Women in Agriculture”
The project “Women in Agriculture” is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
The first group “Start Your Business” will start from 01.06.2012 untill date 30.06.2012.
Beneficiary of these programs will be women in the region of Gjakova and Gjilan.
Women in these rural areas that want to be part of training (free), have the opportunity to raise their management capabilities and will be selected on the basis of the criteria required by the project.
Selection criteria include basic skills such as reading and writing, recognition on calculation and the concrete business ideas in the field of agriculture.
Training will include the following levels:
Group A / B – “Business Basics” and “How to Start A Successful Business”:
the beneficiary will be women who did not attended before any training to increase their business skills, which have not had the opportunity to develop a business plan according to market requirements, with low technical skills and little access to finance.
Group C / D – Women with previous training in business skills and business development plans that have attempted to implement their business plan and women who have achieved success in business for various reasons.
Training on “Start Your Business” will be held in groups and will last four weeks.
During training, women beneficiary will have an opportunity to learn, develop and complete their business idea individualy or in group.
At the end of each training group, participants will receive certificate based on their results.