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Mirlinda Kusari Purrini – Founder Executive Director – The history of women’s business association “SHE-ERA” is a non-governmental organization for the economic development, established after the latest conflict in the Balkans, in September 1999, with the purpose of economic empowerment of women. SHE-ERA” areas of work were different and corresponded to the post-conflict environmental needs. During this time “SHE-ERA” has developed its identity and it is known as one of the key and most influential actors that aim to strengthen the position of women and encourage the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. This organization is also involved in research and analysis of the position of women, and supports local governmental institutions to compile and apply the politics and legal frameworks that promote gender equality and the involvement of Kosovar women in political, social, economic and cultural areas

Who are we?

Women’s Business Association – SHE-ERA, is one of the leading local organisations empowering women in Kosovo since September 1999. Over the years, SHE-ERA has focused its work on diverse areas responsive to the needs of its target beneficiaries in the post-conflict environment. Over time, SHE-ERA has developed its identity and is now recognised as one of the most prominent organisations in the areas of strengthening the position of women and supporting women`s entrepreneurship. It has also contributed through research and analysis on women-related topics and has supported local and central government institutions to draft and  implement policies and legal frameworks that support gender equality and promote women engagement in all spheres of life—political, social, and in particular economic sphere. Over the years, about 20.000 women and men have increased their managerial capacity – through Business Advisory Services at local/national level; over 2000 women entrepreneurs in production, processing, trade, services, handicrafts are active members of SHE-ERA across Kosovo.

Board Members

Xheraldina Vula

Glynis Long

Lulzim Çela

Luljeta Vuniqi

Burbuqe Berisha

Prof. Dr. Justina Shiroka Pula

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