A study visit in Albania “Transferring Knowledge into the Rural Sector”

A study visit in Albania “Transferring Knowledge into the Rural Sector”Marte Tunaj one of the beneficiaries of the business course “How to start a successful business” from the village of Novosella (municipality of Gjakova) along with four other beneficiaries from the region of Gjilan, within the program “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture 2012-2015” (a project supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark), had the opportunity to be a part of a study visit in Albania organized under the first component “Transferring knowledge into the rural sector”.The study visit organized by MAFRD with the support of the World Bank is enabling Kosovar farmers and agro-processors to gain and exchange new experiences with other farmers and agro-processors in Albania and the region. During this four-day visit Mrs.Tunaj and other participants had the opportunity to visit milk processing factories in Kavajë, Rrogozhinë and Lushnje.

The participants of this study visit were introduced to great farming methods practiced by Albanian farmers. Mrs.Tunaj states that Albanian farmers showed great interest for co-operation regarding the quality and hygiene of milk products processing according to the required standards in the European market.