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M.KusariMirlinda Kusari Purrini -Founder Executive Director  The history of women’s business association “SHE-ERA” is a non-governmental organization for the economic development, established after the latest conflict in the Balkans, in September 1999, with the purpose of economic empowerment of women. SHE-ERA” areas of work were different and corresponded to the post-conflict environmental needs. During this time “SHE-ERA” has developed its identity and it is known as one of the key and most influential actors that aim to strengthen the position of women and encourage the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. This organization is also involved in research and analysis of the position of women, and supports local governmental institutions to compile and apply the politics and legal frameworks that promote gender equality and the involvement of Kosovar women in political, social, economic and cultural areas.

The organization has created a distinguished reputation for its services. Through its services, SHE-ERA offers consultations, business planning, document collection for proposals, marketing strategies and market research, services on human resources and operating management for the businesses of women entrepreneurs in Kosovo.
SHE-ERA operates by providing offer management services to international companies that aspire to operate in Kosovo. SHE-ERA performs or lessens the studying mission and assists on the development of methodologies and proposals. Until now, SHE-ERA has made numerous partnerships with different organizations in the area of business development in Central, Eastern and Western Europe, U.S.A., Canada and Asia. As a result, SHE-ERA is determined to help develop international relations for local businesses and internal investments. SHE-ERA presents new international product offer requests for mutual investors, and offers partnerships to businesses in search of them.
Since its establishment up until today, SHE-ERA has completed sixty (60) projects in the local and regional level, providing trainings in business, consulting, research, analysis, and mentoring. Beneficiaries of these trainings so far include more than five thousand (5000) women, where the total number reaches ten thousand (10,000) men and women who have benefited in the region of Kosovo. SHE-ERA has published five analyses about Women Entrepreneurs in Kosovo, Gender Budget in the local and central level, Woman’s position during the privatization process and a report on the First International Conference for women entrepreneurs in Kosovo.

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