Information on agriculture credit opportunities from financial institutions

Financial Institutions


Details and documents necessary for application



RAIFFEISEN BANK Provides agricultural loans to individual farmers and companies involved in agricultural activities and livestock.


– Valid documents of the Republic of Kosovo  (identity card, passport).

– Credit may be granted without a guarantor

– Up to EUR 30,000 does not require a mortgage

– The loan is approved within 48 hours

– In general, this product is offered as a short or long term loan









+381 (0)38 222 222


The Bank for Business provides  agricultural loans only for existing businesses.

Start up businesses  accepted only in case of agreement with institutions such as e.g. agricultural center.


– The Bank enables clients to invest in capacity building for agricultural and livestock production.

– The minimum loan amount is: EUR 1000

– Term Loan: up to 60 months

– Active business requirement: min 3 months

– Deadline for admission: 3 days







+381 (0) 38 244 666

+381 (0) 38 243 657


Pro Credit Bank provides agricultural loans to all customers in and outside Kosovo.

– Loans for agricultural investments are term loans, which are used for capital investments in agriculture, mainly for the purchase of fixed assets, land, building farms, greenhouses etc..




– Any valid document of the Republic of Kosovo

– The minimum loan amount is EUR 3,000

– The duration of the loan is up to 84 months,

– The credit is allowed within 48 hrs.  and payments are realized based on the product sales

– The return period is up to 18 months, as well as irregular payments






+381 (0) 38 555 555

+386 (0) 49 555 555



The Economic Bank offers Agricultural  loans with 0% administrative expenses throughout October.

The Economic Bank provides loans to individual farmers and agricultural companies involved in agricultural activities.

– The product is designed for working capital financing as agricultural inputs, artificial fertilizers, fodder for livestock etc.

– Financing of investments such as the purchase of equipment, farm expansion, purchase of livestock, etc.



The condition for obtaining agricultural loans is that the client have at least 1 year of work experience in agriculture.

Loan Conditions

• The minimum amount is EUR 250

• The maximum amount EUR 100,000

• Term Loan of up to 4 years

• Return of the loan based on the sale of your products

• Grace period allowed

Required documents

• Identity Card

• Proof of additional income in the family

• Administrative prohibition


• Co-loaner

• Capital







+386 (0) 49 733 395




FINCA provides credits in agriculture  which is offered to all who wish to increase their agricultural production. Individual farmers are required to provide loans  with collateral while those in groups need to guarantee for one another.








– The term of the loan up to 36 months,

-Amount of credit from EUR 250 to 25,000

– Up to 6 months of grace period.

Loan characteristics:

– No bank account required amount to EUR 5,000

– Pay in installments weekly, biweekly or monthly






+381 (0) 390 321 704

+377 (0) 44 216 859



AFK offers loans for agriculture through which you can increase the agro economy, the added livestock, farm repair, the purchase of agricultural equipment, to increase the productivity and prepare for the agricultural season and all these favorable conditions.


Available to farmers and agricultural businesses (planting, dairy products, animal fattening, etc.).

Purpose of  the loan:

Purchase of fixed assets, working capital, regulation of barns, buying cattle, seeds, agricultural machinery etc.

Households and private persons – maximum EUR 5,000

Registered SMEs (legal persons) – maximum EUR 25,000

Deadline for return

Up to EUR 1,000 – max. 24 months

EUR 1.001 to 3.000  – max. 36 months

3.001 to 5.000 € – max. 48 months

>EUR 5000 – max. 60 months

Waiting Period

Up to 6 months (the client must pay only the interest).





+381 (0) 39 424 242

+381 (0) 390 326 463



KEP provides loans for agriculture to expand your farm, to increase the fund to livestock, to increase land productivity, agricultural equipment, purchases of new technology, and to borrow cash for seasonal preparation.

The amount – EUR 2,000 – 25,000

-The maximum loan term is 48 months

-Flexible Payment Plan

-One to two guarantors


-Document identification

-For amounts exceeding EUR 15,000 the mortgage is required

– The allowed grace period is up to 6 months







+381 (0) 390 324 888

+377 (0) 44 605 397

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